How Much Do You Know About Ladybugs?

1. When a ladybug flies, how fast do its wings beat?
- A. 15 beats a second
- B. 85 beats a second
- C. 225 beats a second

2. Why do alfalfa farmers want lots of ladybug larvae crawling on their crops?
- A. Larvae droppings help the alfalfa grow.
- B. Farmers collect the larvae for feeding to cows.
- C. The larvae eat alfalfa-destroying aphids.

3. How many different kinds of ladybugs live on the planet?
- A. 10 species of ladybugs
- B. 550 species of ladybugs
- C. 4,300 species of ladybugs

4. Where do many ladybugs in California migrate to during the fall?
- A. Abandoned buildings in San Francisco
- B. The Sierra Nevada mountain range
- C. Disneyland

5. Why don't birds eat ladybugs?
- A. Ladybugs produce a chemical that makes them smell and taste awful.
- B. Birds only eat worms.
- C. The ladybugs are too small for the birds to notice.

6. How did ladybugs get their common name?
- A. Medieval farmers named them after the Virgin Mary, also known as Our Lady.
- B. Entomologists thought all these polka-dotted bugs were only females or ladies.
- C. These bugs are strongly attracted to a lady's perfume.

7. A female ladybug will lay how many eggs in her lifetime?
- A. Two
- B. Female ladybugs don't lay eggs, but give live birth to ladybug larvae.
- C. More than 100

8. Ladybugs do what in winter?
- A. They rest by going into a state of dormancy.
- B. Fly to warm Hawaii.
- C. Chew the bark off pine trees and drink melting snow.

9. What is the main reason some gardeners buy sacks full of captured ladybugs?
- A. The ladybugs look pretty on garden flowers.
- B. Ladybugs gobble spider mites and other garden pests.
- C. Superstitious gardeners believe good luck befalls anyone who owns ladybugs.

10. North America is home for how many species of ladybugs?
- A. Three
- B. 56
- C. Almost 400

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