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If dreams and wishes could come true,
Mine would be to be with you.
To share your ups and share your downs,
To share your smiles and share your frowns.

To run my fingers through your hair,
Oh how soft, oh how beautiful, and oh so fair.
To hold your body and squeeze you tight,
To touch your skin and precious lips at night.

To do the things we'll always treasure,
With lots of love and tender pleasure.
I hope someday my dream comes true,
Then all my love I'll give to you.

My love for you would never die,
For only you keep my dream alive.
I'll dream of you today and tomorrow,
Full of love and never sorrow.

So if you dare to take a chance,
I'll promise you a time of romance.
Don't base my love on days of the past,
I think this time just might last.

Author Unknown