An evil plot against females, we fall for their lies.
They suck us in with those 3 hour buys.
Advertising sweet candles and pokemon deals.
Every woman on the planet is right on my heels.
You find a safe space to park your nice car.
Look up and realize, the walks just too far.
There's a million little kids, every one in my way.
Why do mothers bring their children that day?
Playing hide n seek in all the clothes racks.
Pulling toys off the shelves and trying on hats.
By noon you are starved cus you been up shopping since 6.
Scrambling for that blue light special that's gonna do the trick.
You come home with 15 bags from 7 different stores.
Unloading the trunk is really a chore.
You run thru the house, feeling those eyes.
Wondering which bag contains their surprise.
You get to your room and lock the door.
Thinking, Lord I don't think I can take much more.
Looking at price tags, thinking of debt.
Having no clue why you bought half of it.
There's two things you insist you didn't put in the cart.
Kept for those last minute gifts, that would be smart.
Finding a place to stash gifts til the end of December.
And where that place is, I'll never remember.
And I say every year, next year, I'm not gonna do this again!
But you'll see me out there, looking for the steal of the millenium.
We all know better but it's like a tradition.
We just can't kick the Black Friday addiction.

Copyright B.S Productions

Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott             Saturday, November 23, 1996

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