My dear Son, you kept me laughing, you were never ashamed of holding my hand, telling me you loved me and always giving me a goodbye kiss or goodnight kiss. You sung to me your silly rap songs and at times, be a complete pest. You were a morally strong, intelligent young man and stood by your standards. You always seemed like a very happy person and I always loved it when I would get up in the morning for work and you would say,"Mom, stay home today and lets chill out together." I adored you and always will adore you, my dear son. Always in my heart forever, my loving, first born child, my only son. Always and forever...Mom

I really don't know what to say, cause I never thought I would lose you. You meant so much to me and we were closer to each other than anyone else. I always looked up to you cause you showed me so many things, you always helped me up when I needed help and you were always there EVEN if I didn't want you to be but I thank you for always being my protector. But I just knew you would be here to help me get through life, and now that your not here physically I really don't know what to do now, but I do know you will still help me along the way. I loved you more than anything in this world and still do and I miss you much. You always knew how to make me laugh and we always had fun together. I always felt so safe and protected when I was with you. You were one of kind, never afraid to show your true side. I really want to be happy right now because I know you can't ever hurt again but i'm having so much trouble letting go, cause I'm hurting so bad and I want you back so much, but I know I don't have to let you go cause you will always be in my heart and you will be watching over me. And I know since your in my heart and since your still there, even if I can't see I will be happy again. You were the one of the biggest parts of my life. But I still have all our wonderful memories that we had together and I will think about you every day and I will remember how much fun we had and how happy you were. And people are right when they say God only takes the best cause I don't think he can ever find anyone as perfect as you and Glenn. I miss both of you dearly and I will always love you 2 and will never forget ya'll. And I am looking forward to joining ya'll. I love you always and forever. <33

I love you big bro.
Kimbre~your lil sis
P.S. Don't worry me and mom are taking wonderful care of Bojack for you. And I know he misses you too.

The first thing that comes to our mind is "I love you Reid". You saved my Ass so many times it is not even funny (from me to you, Thank you).

Jimmy, Kids and I, We look around evey day and expect you to come in to ask me to fix you a sandwich or turn on the game for you and play the game with you. Todd and I palyed the game the other night and he kicked my ass, "Thank you very much." I know that you are here with us every step of the way but I just wish that I could tell you one thing)"I love you so much" and I never told you face to face because you was always trying to agrivate me, well I would take a bear hug now! I have learned so much from you! I know now not to take one day for grantened, but to always think that tomorrow may never come! You came by that Thursday telling us that you were bored and had nothing to do! I wish so bad I had listened to every word that you said but all that I can remember is you walking out and rubbing my head!!!!! I cant imagine hurting more if you were my own, but when I see Jamie and Kimber I hurt even more!!!! I know you are watching over us every day and that you wish that you could take all of the hurt away! God took you because he was saving you from some kind of very, very bad pain! But it still hurts soooooooo much I cant even explain! My kids hurt Jimmy hurts, and I hurt so much! Just know that we love you like you were one of our own and one day we will see you, I promise!!!!!!!!!!!
We love you!!
Jimmy, Dana, Keith, Kayla and Kristopher Reid!!!!!!!

Dear Reid
I miss you so much....... don't know what to do even now. All I can do is hold on to all the memories we had
together and will never forget..... NOT one single thing....Ever where I go there is still something missing. you!!!! There is a place in me just for you and no one could ever replace. love always your best friend Todd England ARK..... Forever and always Loving you.......

P.S. I will not be to far behind.. Love Toddale

Dear Reid,
from you oldest friend/bother
i love you man, you were all was there for me and i know you will all was be there for me. it was me and you form the start know that you are not with me I know it will still be me and you to the end. i know where i was when i found out. I am a state away but every body knew to find me and i knew by 9:00 that morning. man we had a lot of good times and in my heart they just keep going and going, me and you tell the end love you man

james cagle

P.S when we meet again the bud light is on me love you man

To my Reidie Pooh!!!

Reid, this all started the day before graduation. You came to my house with a friend and asked me out. Everything was great. We were always together, and I was your girl. There were always parties and "get togethers". Life couldn't have been better for us. Now these two souls must part for some time. The bond between us is still so great. I don't know how I will survive without you. No one will ever take your place in my heart, because no one will ever be that perfect to me again. You were always there for me. I really miss the talks we had in your room. You would always run your fingers through my hair, and tell me I was beautiful and that you loved me more than life itself. No one had ever shown me that much love. All I can do is hold on to my memories and wait for the day I see you again. I know you are still here with me and words can't explain how much I love you. Your my Reidie and I'm your Druidess. I will never forget you. An ever lasting love til death and so on, and nothing else matters.

I love you, baby
Dawn~your girlfriend from england
P.S. Melba will miss you also!!!!!!

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6~23~81 - 6~2~01
Reid and Glenn,
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on June 2, 2001.
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Nickole Reed
8~28~84 - 8~3~2001
Reid and Glenn,
met Glenns sister Nickole
with open loving arms
at Heavens gate
on August 3, 2001.



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