Grant me the strength from day to day
To bear what burdens come my way.
Grant me throughout this bright New Year
More to endure and less to fear.
Help me live that I may be
From spite and petty malice free.

Let me not bitterly complain
When cherished hopes of mine prove vain,
Or spoil with deeds of hate and rage
Some fair tomorrow's spotless page.
Lord, as the days shall come and go
In courage let me stronger grow.

Let me with patience stand and wait,
A friend to all who find my gate,
Keep me from envy and from scorn;
As shines the sun with every morn
On great and low, so let me give
My love to all who round me live.

Lord, as the New Year dawns today
Help me to put my faults away.
Let me be big in little things;
Grant me the joy which friendship brings.
Keep me from selfishness and spite;
Let me be wise in what is right.

A happy New Year! Grant that I
May bring no tear to any eye.
When this New Year in time shall end
Let it be said I've played the friend,
Have lived and loved and labored here,
And made of it a happy year.
{A New Years Prayer by Edgar A. Guest}

Another Year is dawning
With the chance to start anew
May I be kinder, wiser Lord
In all I say and do
Not so caught up in selfish gain
That I would fail to see
The things in life that mean the most
Cost not a fancy fee
The warm kind word that I can give
The outstretched hand to help
The prayers I pray for those in need
More precious these than wealth
I know not what may be ahead
Of laughter or of tears
I only need to know each day
That You are walking near
I am thankful for this brand new year
As now I humbly pray
My hand secure in yours dear Lord
Each step along the way

Author Unknown

Sorry it took me so long to write you,
but this is not the easiest thing in the world to do.
I really miss you and even though i dont write it here
I tell you everyday in my paryers how much
I miss you and that I love you.
I have thought about you everyday and I always will.
You will always have a special place in my heart.
You were my first cousin. I remember when
we were kids it was just Bryan, You, Me, and Kimbre.
We fought all the time, but we knew
how much we loved each other
And if someone one have told me then that you
were going to die at such a young age
I would have not believed them. I would have never
thought you would be the first to go.
But I am not dewilling on you death,
because I know you are in a better place.
And your will Mamaw and Papaw.
I am sure you 3 look down on all of us everyday.
Just as we look up to you everyday.
But I will see all of yall one day.
Till them I will always love you!

Love always and forever
your cousin,
Leslie Dickey

Well sweetie,
its been almost eight months and it still seems like yesterday.
I miss you so much. At times it doesnt even seem like your gone.
I dream about you all the time.
These are not memory dreams,
they are so real that I wake up and look around the room for you.
Someone ask me the other day what I did so
bad that made God take you away from me.
Puzzled, I now ask myself that question. Im sorry.
I would give ANYTHING to be with you for one more minute.
Im slowly dying with out you.
Well, in a way I have caught up with you.
Im now 19. 19 on the 19th, my golden birthday.
Needless to say, it wasnt to golden.
I love you more than life. Nothing or No one will EVER take your place.
I will wait until I can be with you again. Mrs. Jamie and Kimbre,
I love you so much. Just remember I always will!!!!
With love Forever and a day, Dawn
Melba misses you so much!=)

My sweet child, it has been now over 7 months,
actually almost 8 months since I last hugged you,
kissed you and told you that I love you. Reid,
What wonderful blessing you are that God gave you to me,
even for that short period of time.
Honey, I really need you but are beginning to understand
why God wanted you home with him.
The joy that you brought to our home
and household was so amazing. It feels so empty,
except for the fact that Mark walked in the
other day and told me, Ms. Jamie,
I swear that Reid Dickey has taken over Kimbres body.
I couldnt help but laugh. He said that more
and more each day that Kimbre acts just like you Reid.
You are definitely coming out in her.

We all love you and miss you my precious son.
If you see my brother Mark,
please tell him that I love him and miss him too.

You werent here for Dawns Birthday last Saturday,
but I will do my best to make up for it,
for she is lost and loves you so much too.
BJ came over and since he has been gone this whole time,
it really hit him hard. Reid, he loves you too and Cried so much.


God, I ask that you continue to watch over
my son who is there with you in paradise
and watch over my family, friends and the kids too.
Help us get through all of this troubling time
until we can all see each other again and be together.
In your name I Pray Dear God, Amen.

I love you always my most cherished son,
always, much much love, MOM  January, 24 2002