R.I.P Michael Reid Dickey

Even though we never met in person you seemed like the coolest guy. You were very cool to talk to. I hate to hear something like this happen to someone with good heart. May you Rest in Peace close to God.

Love Always,
Your friend Redrum "Mario"
R.I.P Michael 'Reid' Dickey.

We've been more than friends for almost 4 years.
I held you closer to my heart then anyone else in my life.
I wish I could laugh at death, and cry at birth.
But you got me doing the opposite.

Thanks for always being a good friend Reid.

Love always,
Mark Anthony 'Lex Glass' Medina.
Reid , we have been friends for like 2 years now bro we have had some cool times together that cant be replaced and your always the coolest person to just talk to about things that I couldn't discuss with other people bro I WILL MISS YOU ALOT DUDE <3 yola aka Matthew Topping
I'm sitting here crying as I read this. I don't think that I've realized that we cant have those talks anymore. I learned so much from you, things that will never be forgotten... You made a lasting impact on my life and I told you that so many times.. See you one day doll.. I miss you.. -Jazzi
you were always there for me when I need someone to talk to or a good laugh to brighten up my day you helped me thru a lot and im going to miss you. you meant a lot to me. youll always be in my heart<3
Reid dude...

we hardly talked, but we talked.. you prolly don't even remember me. but still you were one of the coolest peeps I knew, and im sure that coolness shifted a space in everyone's heart for you...

Peace man..
Dear Reid, I never knew you, but ive heard a lot great things about you, I wish I could of known you, I wish it wasn't you in that car wreck, maybe we can meet in an after life.

Your Friend,
Michael Reid Dickey

Man you were a god damn riot and ALWAYS made me laugh. Well brosKi R.I.P FOREVER!

Thanks for keeping it real bro >8-)

-Mark aka b0Ld
RIP Michael Reid Dickey

I Miss You Man, See You When I Get There

Robert Benjamin Luttrell 2nd ~ Kurup
to the ( reidmYster )

reid sorry the hear about that man... that is a shame ....I bet your doing great up in heaven though :) I wish the best for you and your parents and the people you loved.. Stay cool :)

punk <- [matt]

p.s you missed I nice little exploit I found .. you would have been in action ..... it was kaos on AOL but im sure you were watching from up above LYAO peace bro :)
what a bad thing too happen too someone I never really knew you that much being I don't go on aol a lot and I don't keep in touch with anyone too good but you were cool so sorry too see you go. what a shame -=( -pmoney aka python- ill see you one day maybe up there... :[
Reid you were a great kid and you will be missed.. you had so much going for you and now your gone. You will always be a great and true friend to all that knew you and will be remember forever. We miss and will always remember the great things you did for everyone in your life. -audio
Even though we never got the chance to meet, im still sure we woulda been cool if we did. I wish we woulda got the chance to talk before you hadda go. I know you were an awesome guy, I know this because everyone I know is sayin how great you were and how much they are gonna miss you. Im sorry you hadda go out like you did.
RIP reid
-bLake b. aka tuX-
P.S. Ive never been on a host :X you needa ask somebody up there to give me a hand :D lyao,stay cool.

Suzanne, your a very sweet person for making this site for reid and his family, much of my love goes out to you. Suzanne <33333333

As I sit and read all these entries, I cant find the words that express exactly how I feel. You where a good friend and a loving kind hearted person. May You rest in peace through The Gates Of Heaven.

love always,

R.I.P - Michael Reid Dickey
R.I.P - Helen Van Holleman


Man i can remember the times sitting in an aol chatroom just bullshiting about nothing, passing time like I still do, thinking nothing of those moments, the littlest ones that pass by every moment, and seem so insignificant at the time. But, in reality... those are the cherished moments reid <3 Your always gunna be missed man. ONE LOVE <3

PS To all his friends who posted/supported/and showed love ... yall are what makes his heart live on!

Unknown to me, known to many others, so although I don't know you man from the other responses I can honestly say you will be missed by many.

R.I.P Michael Reid Dickey

I didn't know him, nor will I ever. Sucks he has passed away, I know its hard for friends and family to loose someone close, so I send all my love to Reids friends and family. Sorry to hear about this tragedy. I just really hope its not one of those fake aodeaths which very aggravate me because people don't realize what loosing someone is like, so I hope its not especially for all you guys/gals out there who are friends of his..Im sorry. -Mike aka Le0.
Dearest Reid,
I cant begin to go into the regret I feel for you and your family. you were one of my close friends, and I missed you while you weren't even gone. ill always be thinking about u reid. <3. my condolences to your family and friends, we all miss you greatly. I will see you again someday. til then, ill be missin you.

RIP Reid
Yo reid heh we were good friends. I ma miss you !
- Fido
Reid, we didn't really know each other, but you were really cool. you will be missed. R.I.P <3 Nick (Sno)
well reid...im not sure what to say here...im really not go0d at these kind of things....but u were hella co0 to me reid...we weren't that close but u still were co0 to me even though ur lil "leet" friends talked stuff! LOL anyways....im sorry that this happened to u...god takes the best people...u will be missed! R.I.P <3333333
Ried, you were always chill to talk to man, I didn't know you that well, but that times that we did talk, wont be forgotten. -wht
love ya bro - skoob