Reid. What can I say. You're gone, but you'll always live on and be in my heart. We had our ups and downs, and yeah there was a lot, but we always found a way to laugh them out. You're one of the most sweetest people ive met on here, and im glad you never changed. I know you're watching over us all from up there, so make sure you take care of us. You'll always be remembered, and in the hearts and memories of us all, forever. See you soon. Keep it real.

much love
Its always hard to lose someone you love, or care for. Everyone who loved Reid - Just remember, hes in a better place...he lived his life well, he was happy, and where he is, hell continue to be forever happy. Hes looking down now, on all of you, seeing how much you loved him. Stay strong, and keep him alive in your hearts. R.I.P.

Good luck to Reids family, its ashame it had to end like this.
Dear Reid.

Maybe we didnt know eachother like we knew the back of our hands, but theres still somethin great added to an atmosphere when you were around. You have one of those personalities that stick to people, and thats why you were loved genuinely by so many. So many people have you locked in their hearts. You are one of a kind. We miss you Reid. Take care man.

Reids Family.
Im sorry that you have to be put through this. The loss of a family member is rough, and i really hope you will all be okay in the end. Reid is in a better place, and hes happy now. Best wishes to you also.

Love always..
Chauncy aka Cee

Me and you definately had our times.. and ill NEVER forget anything you ever said to me.. ill hold those words you said to me the last time so close to my heart.. and every night ill look up at the stars and ill blow a kiss.. and say those words i never got to say to you when i had the chance.. you were there for me, as i was you.. and now i know i can sit in my room and whisper things to myself.. and youll here them.. miss you till im with you, much love.. holy scissors forever <33
Jamianne aka Kris

Didnt know you like some of these people but the last time we talked you seemed pretty cool to bad didnt get to know the real you...RIP

- Chris aka r0cky

ps. shoulda given ya sn "Reid" sooner but never saw ya =(

i know reid didnt like me...but i never had anything against him and i just would like to say that im sorry joi, you have to go through one deserves to lose a loved one and to his mom/ have my prayer. i just hope reid can forgive anything i ever said...i know hes in heaven and heh im so sorry

I never had the pleasure of knowing this young man, but i wanted to say how sorry I am that he is no longer with us. You will be in my prayers, Ivy (friend of suz)
R.I.P. Michael
Miss ya bro, see ya when I get there. One Love <3

- Aaron (code)
We've loved
We've lost
We now know who we are
A different view
Now keeps us apart
It ends like this my friend
We've grown
We've changed
We now see who we are
As tears now fill my eyes so deep
It ends like this my friend
We've laughed
We've cried
We now feel who we are
But the memories
Now fade away
It ends like this my friend
We've danced
We've sang
We now hear who we are
But the song is hushed
As the music dies
It ends like this my friend
You shall be missed
Dear friend of mine
Your mark now left
But I have a different
Trail to blaze
So it ends like this my friend
-Sarah K.
I did not know reid but a friend of mine (Shellie) had a link on her web page and asked me to sign this and wow your friend was loved by a lot of people and im sorry about what happened to him. 1 love r.i.p

Sorry I didn't get to know you, but ive heard ALOT of great things about you! Even though your so young god will take good care of you in his land. We ALL know your resting peacefully, and you have a pair of warm hands across you. We all know that your an angel up above. Watching over all of us!

Love -LeXus
I didn't know you as well as most of the people on this page did, but im really gonna miss you Reid. nothing makes me cry... I didn't even cry when my grandmother died, but for some reason im in tears right now. I don't know what to say bro... you will be missed. ill see you when I get there.

- brian [rebel]
yo. dog, I never knew or heard of anyone named reid until this happened. it always makes me sad when I hear about kids dying so young. I almost lost my homie in a car wreck me and him were in, he's still in the hospital after like 6 months. anyways dude ill see u when I get there, hopefully ill meet up with u one day. peace and love

-adam aka accel
Dear Reid and 2 Family,
Very sorry for a lose of a great person as reid. Reid u was a great person to meet. I'm sure your having fun watching up there from heaven at least that way u could suffer no pain but nothing but happiness, even though for other its a hard thing to hear that ur gone =[ ..... But one day well all be up there with ya chillin and being happy instead of sad

-dj [Danny]
ahh reid old friend its been so long since ive seen you, I haven't spoken to you in years yet you were always my friend I remember trying to teach you how to program lol we had some good times together man, I will never forget your attitude towards things and how you looked at the world, you were confident about everything. you will be in my prayers. r.i.p. my old friend, someday perhaps I will see you again and we can catch up on old times. - toby (temper)

I know we got off to like a bad start I don't even remember why but I felt differently when Joi told me you were like that with everyone. I still feel weird cause we had been tripping in that room and and it seems like that was only yesterday Im sorry that disaster struck at such a time in your life when you were trying to makes something of yourself by going back to school. All I can say is that you were funny as hell with your descriptions of "gothic" girls and you will be hella missed

Reid was a true friend n will be deeply with the lord reid....till we all meet again
I know u cant be close to my nigga I know, I know your watching over me nigga I know, but this pain is steady burning hurting deep, but its alright dog, cuz everything gonna be alright dog. - lil wayne

one love reid, love u dog, miss u always

see u when i get there.

mike aka mc
My dear friend... I just learned that you have left us. Its hard to find the words in my heart for the way I feel. But for us, there are no goodbyes. This is only temporary. I always wanted to tell you something and never did. I have always been openly gay to everyone online that I have talked to and, of course, many didn't like that. But you were different. You saw through people and into their hearts. This was your gift. You were totally nonjudgmental and accepted people as themselves and for what they are. That is what I will truly remember about you my friend, and I will carry that with me for the rest of my life. You never realized this, but you gave me HOPE at times that I wanted to just give up. You were always upbeat, funny, and always knew the right thing to say to cheer me up. I will carry that in my heart forever. I love you Reid. I always will.

- Jeremy (GayBoy780)
To the Dickey family and friends:

Death glorifies all. We will always remember the good but never the bad, yet they shall always remain in our hearts. Its a horrible experience to have someone taken from this Earth so tragically. Now its time for God to look after him.

To Reid:

Damn dood, its been hella long since I last talked to you. You were one of the few I actually tolerated in punters, lol. Sorry we didn't keep in touch, but that's just one of the lil quirks of life. See yah when I see yah dood. Rest in heavenly peace. <3

- jadie

RIP: [March 30, 1999] Tommy Saphyakajon and Leilani Aragones both died in a car accident and were killed.
I know deep inside your still watching over all us bro.. and your still in all our hearts.. Forever will be.. You taught me a lot that will forever stay with me.. Color profiles wont be the same without you late at night.. I dedicate all my TON songs to you bro.. You taught me what it meant.. And when I listen to them I know your in my heart.. R.i.p Bro Much love
erfz - Michael.L.Loveless. (trent)
P.S. My love goes out to Reids mother and close friends <3
:\ life is unfair,
I always knew looking back on the tears. would make me laugh.
but I never know looking back on the laughs.. would make me cry.
thanks for all the laughs
love, Vanessa