"Michael REID Dickey"
I can remember the 1st time I talked to you. years and years later we still talked.. out late night convos will never be forgotten..u were like a lil brother to me. I know ur watching over all of us. U are now our angel..
I slowly bow my head. as tears roll down my cheek.. I say a silent prayer for REID.. and when its my turn well finally get to meet..
U will be missed my many..
<3 always Vanessa aka Hicc
when tomorrow starts without me. and im not there to see. if the sun should rise and find ur eyes. all filled with tears for me. I wish so much u wouldn't cry. the way u did today. while thinking of the many things we didn't get to say. I know how much you love me. as much as I love you. and each time that you think of me. I know ull miss me too. but when tomorrow starts without me. please try to understand. that an angel came and called for me and took me by the hand. said my place was ready in heaven far above. that ill have to leave behind all those I dearly love. as I turned to walk away.. a tear feel from my eye. for all my life. id always thought I didn't want to die. I had so much to live for. so much yet to do. it seemed almost impossible that I was leaving you. I thought of all the yesterdays.. the good ones and bad. I thought of all the love we shared. and all the fun we had. when I walked through heavens gate. I felt so much at home...when god looked down and smiled at me from his great golden throne.
So tomorrow starts without me..dont think were far apart. for every time you think of me.. im right here in your heart.
<3 vanessa
Wow, cant believe this happened. I came back to AOL to find that a friend of mine was gone. Not just gone from AOL but gone from life. He has taken a journey to another life, and I am sure he is doing good there. God does only take the best people. Best wishes to his family. I will see ya some day Reid. RIP bro.

Dan aka Cutter
Sorry to hear about your son/brother "Reid(mike)", he was a very nice person to me always helping me out when he could and putting aside all tasks to help me out.

Size (Mike)
*^ /231D^*
*^ Muh Pic<3, I will miss you ^*
*^ my friend. see you soon.. ^*
I remember that one summer when you and me would stay up for hours talking about absolutely nothing. I know this must be hard to the ones closest to you like your family and I cannot begin to express my condolences to them. Bad things happen everyday and its not often when something comes so close to home. <33 to Reid and his family.
-Chris (kugar)
Life is strange. RIP
reid reid - im gonna call you heh.. I never did call u but I did call on you for advice and a friend when I needed it and u are one of the very few people that I can honestly say was always there.. thank you reid for everything, u got me through some of the hardest times in my life, I will never ever forget you and I know ill see u someday up in heaven. R.I.P

my condolences go out to reids family.

I never knew you, I came to this site and it touched me. But now your in a better place. God smiles upon you with grace. We will all hopefully be in heaven someday...people may say "you didn't deserve to die". But why should going to heaven be a bad thing? I will pray for your family and the awesome things god has done in your life and theirs. RIP.
Brooke Ashley McEachern
hi reid katja ist hier die kleine deutsche wrong english speakin aba du weist alles was wir taten war mit einem lächeln bedacht alles was wir tun in andacht zu dir wird mit einem lächeln bedacht weil du nix anderes gewohnt warst von uns ich schreibe heute bewusst in meiner sprache das du dort wo du jetzt bist fleissig lernen kannst ;) wir speziell slash und ich werden dich nie vergessen so wie wir nie freunde vergessen obwohl man sich nie sah...............reid ich hoffe du bist an einem platz wo du auf uns niederschaun kannst und sagen wirst ::DONT FERGET ME, but this will nevA happens i love u dear in special love KATJA from germany punters will be still alive <3 reid <3 in special love to yer family


{loosely translated}
hi reid katja is here the small German wrong english speakin you points everything which we did was with one smiles considered everything which we do in devotion to you with one to smile mindfully because you nix other one were used from us I write today conscious in my language which you where you are now learn industriously can ;) we particularly slash and I will you never forgotten as we never befriends forgotten although one never saw itself ……….reid I hope you am at a workstation where you for us niederschaun can and will say ::DONT FERGET ME, but this will nevA happens i love u dear in special love KATJA from germany punters will be still alive <3 reid <3 in special love to yer family

Mike.. the funniest guy I ever met.. You meant a lot to me, I dont know what Im going to do without you.. i love you.
y0 r31d, wh4t up $0n. ill s33 y3w @t th4 cr0ssr0@dz! i21P!

he is not dead, he does not sleep --- he has awakened from the dream of life

Dear Reid,
all i can do is to say thank you for the great time we have spended together.
you have always been there for your friends, you have always had a nice word
ill miss you forever
your german bro
wow man, its been like 4 years since i even talked to you, i come to aol and i find that your gone.. lifes wierd huh? well my condolences to reids family, much love
-cube [tim]
Dear Reid,
This is "Chris Reed C.", aKa Tusk, I dont really know where to start...

I didnt really know you for that long, but the times we knew each other, you seemed perty cool... its truly sad to see/hear of any one, whether you knew them in life or not. Your absence has made a huge impact on us all... we will all miss you, and see you when we get there, and say hi to my gramps when your up there. =(

-Chris, aKa Tusk

PS-To the greatly impacted ones of this disaster, life goes on, and just look to god...
Dear Reid,
i dont know what to say, when i herd this happen i couldnt believe it myself....you were cool to chill with on AOL and always hooked me up ;/. Even though i didnt know you in person im gonna miss you man.

RIP always
-Jayson (clue)
On another note, I never got to say good bye the last time I saw you, and when you had disappeared for a while, I thought you had left AOL for a while, it turns out that.. it was true... you did leave. And We all still cant believe your gone, its crushing every one deep inside, believe it or not.. heh, well here it is, a final good bye... later bro


I really dont know where to begin. You were one of my close Friends for about 3 years and we got pretty close and tehhn in one moment youve been taken away from all of us. Ill always remember the prank calls and the jokes we used to tell and all of our memories. Earth has lost a good person but heavens a bit better now that its graced with your presence. Ill never forget you and Ill see you when I get to the gates bro.

One Luv

Drew Blevins aka "Draco"
the time me and big reid had was the best time and i will never forget that.but its time to move on as sad as it may be but we will all meet back up one day.this is for mrs.reid keep your head up and know that one day you will be back with your loving son. p.s.reid i dont know what ima do with out you bro. your bro ch4d and uhoh we love you bro<33
^ i remember when u sent me photoshop :\

Hey man, I didnt know you like these people do. But man, I just think that us people spent countless hours on AOL talking to eachother. Even though we never met eachother, we did spend lots of our time online. I hope we meet again, and this time without the constraints of a computer.

Juan [619]
Reid, may your soul Rest in Peace. If you see Chris up there, tell him he is loved and missed..Andrea.
04/01/84-06/20/01 R.I.P.
Well, I really didnt know Reid. I dont think I ever talked or typed to him. I know what it feels like to loose a friend or a loved one. It sucks. Its really hard those first couple weeks/months/years, but after awhile you start to think how good he has it up there. God took him for a reason and most likely a good one at that. Doesnt matter if you never met Reid in real life or you just typed to him, he was still a friend and you wont be able to do that again. So I hope whoever dissed Reid and threatened him, I hope you regret what you said/typed. Thats all my time.. Reid Ill see you when I get there and we can talk about some exploits ya missed buddy. :o)

- Eric Aka Info