Dear Friend
Wait, reflect and pray, dear friend,
And Christ will give you love;
Reach out to Him Who brings you joy,
And blessings from above.
Wait, reflect and pray, dear friend,
And Christ will give you grace;
Come, tarry for a little while,
And rest in His embrace.
Wait, reflect and pray, dear friend,
And Christ will give you hope;
He'll help you strive to carry on,
And give you strength to cope.
Wait, reflect and pray, dear friend,
And Christ will give you life;
He'll be there ever by your side,
And take away your strife.
Wait, reflect and pray, dear friend,
And Christ will give you peace;
Remember Him when skies are dark,
And you will find release.
Copyrighted Hope C. Oberhelman
September 2, 2001

"Truth is like the Tragedy."
Every day I grow more alone and empty. I feel like letting go. Its hard to explain. You were always going to be there, and now your not. Some times I still dont believe it. I do have a little part of you here with me in Mrs. Jamie and Kimbre. Your mother is like my mother. I love them and I guess thats what keeps me hanging on. Still, Life is too long and cold here without you. I will never get over this. Everywhere I am, there you are. Not one minute goes by that I dont think of you. Its always "shimmer".
Love always finds a way.
I love you, Reid

Man, dosent feel the same around here. You are greatly missed by everyone. I am proud to have known you as well as i did and had learned much from you. I will see ya when my time comes,

-flame "Denver"

They that hope in the Lord,
will renew their strength,
they will soar as with eagles' wings,
they will run and not grow weary,
walk and not grow faint.
Isaiah 40:31
September 11, 2001

My Dear Son:

How I miss you still. Everyday is very difficult to get through. Yet, it is still so hard to even begin to believe that this is all true. You are no longer physically here with me. I know you will always be with me in my heart and my soul, watching over us all. We do see that each day. But the pain still carries on. I pray to see you one day soon, when the time is right and God is ready for me. I look so forward to that day to see you, my dear son. I love you more than you could have ever imagined. I will always love you. For some reason, with the chaos that occurred yesterday, I have a feeling that we all will be up there sooner than expected. But until that day, my dear son…..I love you and miss you. Love always, you mom (September 12, 2001)(Noah’s 1st Birthday)


I remember the first time that I ever spoke to you have NO clue how we started fighting...but we did...and from there our relationship blossomed into a wonderful friendship...we spoke everyday...sometimes for hours...about everything and sometimes about nothing at all...everyday i looked forward to talking to you..if only for a moment because you always were so happy, and even when i felt down, you made me smile...the past few months ive often wondered about you, but i didnt know how to contact you...until today...
i saw your screen name online..and i msgd you with something that i found silly...and your mother msgd me back with the news...i still sit here stunned....and greatly saddened...only because i will miss talking to you everyday...yet a part of me is happy...happy that youre free from the pain of the from all of the chaos...and now you spend forever in happiness...and for that i am happy...i want you to know, that you will ALWAYS ALWAYS be in my heart...always...and your family and friends will always be in my prayers...i love you reid...a ton...and i will miss you...but one day well meet again...this time face to face...and ill look forward to that moment...until then .... <3

Jamie, even in your heartache you were concerned over me <3 September 14, 2001 Suzanne