They say memories are golden,
Well, maybe that is true,
But we never wanted memories,
We only wanted you,

A million times we've needed you,
A million times we've cried,
If love alone could have saved you,
You never would have died,

In life we loved you dearly,
In death we love you still,
In our hearts you hold a special place,
No one could ever fill,

If tears could build a staircase,
And heartache build a lane,
We'd walk the path to heaven
To bring you home again...
Suzanne November, 2 2001

Dear Child of Mine, as the days grow shorter, the air has a chill, among the falling leaves, oh how I miss you still. With each passing moment the thoughts are in my head, oh Reid, how I miss you and want you back instead. I have had such a difficult time trying to find some joy in my heart. Your loss is devastating. I know that without Gods help, I would not survive. The loss of a child is so tremendous that unless one has experienced it, it is so incomprehensible to even begin to fathom. Reid, your loss is just that. My heart aches and aches for you. I pray that God, with you by his side, will continue to watch over us.

"Dear God, please watch over my family and continue to carry us through each day, trying to live without our precious Reid. Forgive us for our sins, in your name we pray, Amen."

It has been 5 months, my beautiful child. I love you Reid.
I love you.

Always and Forever. Mom (November 4, 2001)

Jamie this web site is truely wonderful
I know how much Glenn loved being with you and your family, I feel he loved your family as his own....I love you all
My heart goes out to you and kimbre, as we share our memories of our children I know that REID, GLENN, and NICKOLE will forever be with us.. love Darlene
Reeiid, Im thinking of you. I miss and love you so much!!! I cant belive I have to live without you!

forever yours, Dawn

Everyday it gets harder and harder and I have no clue what to do. I miss you so much and I never knew what it was like to lose your big brother and now I understand and I know no matter how much or how hard I cry I cant have you back, and i would give anything just to have you back for at least a minute. Its feels like im dieing inside and I dont what to do, its hard for me to smile anymore and all I can do is cry and cry and cry. And I hate this feeling I wish that everything could just go back to the way it was. I wish yall had not of gone, I wish you wouldve just stayed here with me and not have even left the house. I know its been months since ive written anything on the site but its just too hard for me. It seems like since you left everything has gone downhill. Everything has changed and everyone has changed some people have even changed for the worse and nobody knows what to do anymore. You,Reid, your the one that helped all of us and made us okay and now everyone is just lost, me most of all cause you were the person I looked up to and your the one that made everthing okay for me. When I was with you I knew I would be okay, because I knew that you wouldnt let anything or anyone hurt me or even let anyone come close. Basically I guess you can say youre my "HERO". I love you so much and I still love you more and more and miss you more and more every second. Your my big brother, you and mom are the world to me.

I love you so much

BoJack has gotten so big and we finally found him a spiked dog collar for him and I know he still misses you cause hell be playing with his bones and me and mom will say your name and hell stand up and look around for you. Oh, Reid you would be so proud of him.

well we all still love you very much!

dear reid
has your oldest friend/brother
It seems like dont remeber me in all the letter to but i know in your heart to mine its was all ways me and you tell the end. after that day that killed me with you i have done ever thing in the world to keep it off my mind but some thing in my heart keeps making cry. you were my best freind in the world and all was will be nobody knew me like you did. And the way i see it is blood is thicker the water but love is all ways thicker the blood

i love you man and other people say the cant wait to be with you but i know i am already the with you and you are already with me

love you reid
james cagle

Words cant explain how much I miss you. There are so many things I should have said, or I wish I had said. I got to tell you how I really feel about you the last night I talked to you. You told me everything I could have ever ask you. Still, I wish I could see you and tell you I love you just one more time. Life has just opened up for me and your not here to share it. I feel alone. I could tell you anything. Now I have all these "stories" of life with no one to share them with. I have no one to give me love. Your mom is the only person that hugs me and tells me she loves me now. I have no one. It is really starting to kill me. Of all people, you know how my family is. They have not given me a word of comfort. Not one. With the exception of my mother, but you know I only see her every now and then. She loves and misses you. We talk about you every time I see her. My only question is, why? You were so important to a lot of people. You held us together. And like Kimbre said, we have all fallen apart and dont know what to do without you. I dont even want to be here anymore because I know whatever I do, I will never be happy here without you. Its getting harder for me to go to your house now because I expect to see you. I can still hear your voice. I love you Reid. I love you more than life itself. I would have given my life for yours any time. Now Im just lost.
Still the same, I love you forever and a day!!!

Forever yours, Dawn